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Rising Winds Reviews

Rising Winds

We are excited to announce that our signature dance-theater piece, ‘Zero Hour’ has now been expanded to a full-scale musical production 'Rising Winds'. Similar to 'The Village', from Performance Workshop Theatre Taiwan, or the Broadway classic 'Rent'; 'Zero Hour' has enchanted sold-out audiences across China and the U.S.

Rising Winds shares the riveting tale of a young Chinese mother who immigrates to America, and the compelling relationship between her and her son as she watches him navigate the numerous pitfalls of growing up within a cultural duality.

While there are musicals such as 'Memphis' that deal with a specifically American story, and 'In the Heights' that speaks to the Dominican American experience in New York; there has not been a musical that tells the story of the Chinese American Diaspora.

Furthermore, while there have been successful remakes such as 'Mamma Mia', there has yet to be an original, Broadway caliber musical produced in China. With Rising Winds, we have created precisely that for the Chinese market. We aim to provide high quality live entertainment events in the US and in China that create and promote cross cultural exchange and speak directly to our audience.


In 1985, a young mother, a recent immigrant to the United States from Taiwan, rocks her baby to sleep. She wonders, "Who will my son become in America? How much of his Chinese heritage will he retain?"

These perplexing questions prompt her to reflect on facets of her own identity - her unbreakable spirit, her memory of her homeland, her trials of cultural assimilation and what it means to be a mother.

A hybridized sense of identity emerges from within both the son and the mother during their zero hours, dilemmas faced at turning points that are centered on life and love. For the son, this is explored within the broader context of a global Chinese citizen struggling to embrace the American dream.

In his youth, he yields to moments of anger. He battles with what it means to be Chinese in the face of the American Dream; however, as he matures, he uncovers a deep source of new strength within himself. From the depth of his darkest zero hours, he learns to follow his dreams.

'Rising Winds' has become a vehicle for telling the story of anyone struggling to find a personal sense of identity within the larger chaos that surrounds us.