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Experience a profound evening of dance with choreography by Philein Wang, RAWdance Co-artistic directors Ryan Smith and Wendy Rein, LBTP student choreographer Babatunji Johnson, and LBPT faculty choreographers Sidra Bell, LeeWei Chao, Gregory P. Dawson, and Kara Davis.

Our Cabaret Show has previously toured in both California and China, where we were invited to perform in Liao Yuan and were honored to be special guests of the mayor.

As part of our creative process, the company pursues collaborators from Europe, North America and Asia. By using collaborators from at least two of those continents, and local talent from wherever the group lands, a cross-cultural bridge is built that knows no boundaries.

There are three main goals of the cabaret shows. The first is to create an environment that is conducive to cultural exchange on both continents. The second is to enrich the artistry and connect emotionally with each audience member. And the third is to establish a solid platform for further company-wide productions and collaborations.

These cultural connections that are made in and around the dance world are one of the main key components to the strength of our relationships. Through this assimilation of creativity, and as a result of artistic connections, each show will bring an abundance of entertainment and joy to everyone involved, performers and audience a like.